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FAQAbout Ordering

Log in to your account (Don’t have an account? Register now!), select the goods and quantity you want, Add To Cart and Check-Out, put the required info and pay, and be ready to receive your goods!


You need to put a valid email address, a valid phone number, and a dodo code.

Enter the Airport. Talk to Orville - Select "I want visitors." - "Via online play." - "Invite via Dodo Code." - "The more the merrier!" - "Yeah, invite anyone." Then you will get a five-digit code.

We support many popular payment methods like VISA, MasterCard, Paysafecard, ideal etc.

For the safety of your funds, the payment needs your authorization. The bank would decline unauthorized payment. You can contact the bank for details.

Log in to your account, click “My Account” - “My Orders” to check.

Also, you can contact Live Chat with your email to get the order info.

You can contact us via Live Chat or email with your order number. We will respond instantly and provide the best solution.

FAQAbout Delivery

Make sure your network is stable, keep your gate open and turn off auto-sleep mode.

We will make the delivery soon after we confirm the order. The waiting time is usually within 15 minutes, not over one hour.

For bells, we will give you gold nuggets or turnips. You can exchange them for bells. Contact our Live Chat for more detailed instructions.

For critters, we will give you the code of our island. You can come to our island and take them away (remember to empty your pocket).

For trees, you should provide your friend code (only best friends can plant trees). We will add you as an NS friend and add you to our Best Friend List (make sure you have the app on your nook phone).

To adopt a villager, you need to meet the following conditions both:

- You have built the campsite and invited the camper to your island.

- You have an available plot on your island.

If your island has ten villagers (One island can only have ten villagers at most), we have a quick tip for you to kick one villager out. Contact Live Chat for instructions.

When you are ready, we will give you the code of our island. Then you can come to our island and adopt the villager.

The delivery may delay because of some unexpected reasons. We will notify you via chat or email once it happens.

- Server is updating/fixing/maintaining.

- The internet connection is unstable.

- You put incorrect order information.

- Short of hands due to huge needs

Sometimes your order is too big. We need to deliver several times. Your entire order will arrive within the promised time under normal circumstances.

In other circumstances, the delivery may interrupt due to unexpected issues like internet disconnection, server update, or other problems. We will notify you via live chat or email. We will fix the issue and finish the delivery as soon as possible.

FAQAbout Refund

- The delivery has not taken place yet.

- The goods are partly delivered. But the delivery cannot continue for objective reasons.

- No refunds for virtual goods once shipped.

You should contact our 24 hours Live Chat to apply for a refund with your order number. Or you can email acbellsbuy@gmail.com with your order number attached.

The refund time depends on the payment method. Refunds via PayPal balances usually go through within 24 hours, but refunds via bank transfer may take several days.

- We would send pick-up notification emails to customers whose orders are incomplete every other day.

- We won't accept applications for a refund caused by the buyer's faults. But we can change the funds to other goods or vouchers.

- We may refund initiatively if we find the buyer's account is at high risk.

FAQPeople Also Ask

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