Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should I do before delivering?

① Open the gate of your island. (Talk to Orville - Choose "I want visitors" - "Via online play" - "Invite via Dodo Code" - "The more the merrier!" - "Yeah, invite anyone" - Get the Dodo Code)

② Turn off the auto-sleep mode in system settings (Home - System settings - auto-sleep mode). Keep your gate open, and make sure your network is stable.

③ If you accidentally closed your island. You can contact us via 24-hour Live Chat or email for help. We are at your service any time.

2) How soon will the delivery arrive?

① For bells, we will give you gold nuggets or turnips. You can exchange them for bells. Contact our Live Chat for more detailed instructions.

② For NMT or items, we will fly to your island within 15~30 minutes and drop the goods (the waiting time may be a little longer at a busy time).

③ For critters, we will give you the code of our island. You can come to our island and take them away (remember to empty your pocket).

④ For trees, you should provide your friend code (only best friends can plant trees). We will add you as an NS friend and add you to our Best Friend List (make sure you have the app on your nook phone).

⑤ For villagers, make sure you have an available plot before inviting a new villager. We will give you the code of our island. Then you can come to our island and invite the villager.

3) Is it legal to buy ACNH items here?

Yes. We are legal and safe. Trading in the game is one gameplay of ACNH. No customer ever got banned because of purchasing our goods.

4) What should I do if the delivery is interrupted?

Contact us via 24-hour Live Chat or email ASAP. Items may disappear when the internet is disconnected. We ensure you will get a complete order.

5) Why are we unable to connect?

The online play in the game requires a stable network environment and server status. You can try to restart the router and the Switch, reconnect to the internet and send us a new code.