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What are the Animal Crossing New Horizon November Events?


Come November 1st, players will wake up to the cool autumn air of Animal Crossing New Horizon. Players will be able to start hunting for mushrooms on their island and can craft special items using these cute fungi. Five mushrooms will appear on the player's island each day until a limit of 30 is reached. Players should make sure to log in daily to collect these mushrooms to ensure they continue to respawn as they are required for item recipes and food recipes.

Animal Crossing New Horizon November Events


Then, in mid-November, the red maple leaves will start spawning and blowing in the wind for 10 days, similar to cherry blossom season. Players will need to catch these leaves in their Bug Nets and can use them to craft other Fall exclusive items. Players can also enjoy the Nook's Cranny sale every Friday in November with 30% off everything. This is a great way to get items at a much cheaper price.


Finally, the beloved Turkey Day hosted by Franklin. Franklin will be visiting on November 24th and will ask players to gather different ingredients to create a feast for the whole village. He will also hand out items at the event.


November Multiplayer Fun: Fishing Competition & Friendsgiving

More fun than fishing is fishing with friends. While ACNH does host an in-game fishing tournament that players can enjoy online with friends, sometimes it's more fun to host a tournament yourself. Players will be able to set their own fishing theme, be it size, rarity, species or catch. They can also set their own time and their own rewards to friends. This is a good plan if players are still trying to catch all the fish and fill up their critters' encyclopedia museum.


Friendsgiving is similar to Thanksgiving, in ACNH it takes away all the stress of cooking but still has the fun of hanging out with friends. Players can take calls and chat with friends to celebrate Friendsgiving via Discord or using the Nintendo app. Everyone can bring a meal and show off their in-game cooking skills. Players can even play by guessing which guest brought what food. Players can spend time chatting, eating and thanking online features this fall.


Animal Crossing in October and November was more or less the same - but December was more fun in single and multiplayer. We're heading into November next week and I'll be writing about some multiplayer farming games for the cooler season. These games will have you sitting on the couch with tea or coffee in hand and playing with your friends.


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