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ACBellsBuy - Which ACNH items can you sell to get the most Bells?


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are only a few really effective ways to make it rich, and playing the turnip market periodically gets tiresome very quickly. Unfortunately, buying and selling turnips is by far the most profitable activity in the game, especially for players who frequently visit other villages online. However, it's a somewhat mundane and simplistic process, and players who spend long time gathering resources deserve a more lucrative source of income.


The resources themselves can be quite valuable at times, and while it's hard to match the sheer wealth that turnips net each week, they can still make ACNH villagers rich from the bells. Non-native fruits cost 500 Bells each, while golden and blue roses - extremely rare and take days to bloom - cost 1000 Bells each. While they're not farmable, catchable wild animals can sometimes fetch thousands of bells: rare mushrooms (found only in the fall) are worth 16,000 Bells, and Tom Nook will buy certain sea creatures for 15,000 Bells each.

Which ACNH items can you sell to get the most Bells?


The problem with valuable craftable items is that they usually require a lot of rare resources. Generally speaking, the level of effort required doesn't match the price of the item, but players who have amassed large amounts of gold nuggets and other treasure may wish to unload their surplus in the most profitable manner. This list does not include movable furniture, some of which sell for over 15,000 Bells and are worth even more on the player market, so all of these Animal Crossing DIY furniture projects are available year-round.


Over 20,000 Bells: Trophy Case And Street Piano


Trophy boxes and street pianos are some of the most valuable artifacts in the game. The trophy box DIY recipe can only be obtained from villagers with the "athlete" characters such as Billy and Sterling, and requires Hardwood, six Iron Nuggets, and three Gold Nuggets. Gold nuggets may be the limiting resource here, but for players who can afford them, trophy cases sell for a whopping 33,690 Bells. The Street Piano is a less impressive item on many "best sellers" lists, selling for 26,755 Bells. The problem with this item is that it costs more to manufacture than sell, and the recipe can be obtained from "big sister" villagers, such as the unfairly hated Diva villagers from Animal Crossing. The recipe called for an upright piano, which had to be purchased for 53,000 bells, and a set of paintings, for a paltry 510 bells. This item is only a remotely viable source of income if the player purchases it with Poki (a new currency acquired in the Happy Home Paradise DLC), but players can earn more by simply exchanging Poki for bells.


20,000 Bells: Blue Rose Wreath & Gold Rose Wreath


Mass production of these items should not be considered by any player whose main goal is to become a millionaire as quickly as possible. As mentioned before, breeding rare hybrid flowers is a painful process that requires a lot of real-time waiting, and blue roses and golden roses are the most difficult ACNH hybrid flowers to breed. Nonetheless, any player who has gone through the breeding process can make a Blue Rose Wreath for 10 Blue Roses and a Gold Rose Wreath for 10 Gold Roses. Each wreath sells for 20,000 Bells, giving players double the number of bells they would get if they sold the flowers individually.


Under 20,000 Bells: Iron Frame & Shell Arch


Iron frames and shell arches are relatively cheap items to sell, but iron frames are at least easy to make. It needs 20 iron blocks, and the resources are relatively rich. The DIY formula is obtained from the jock villagers. Iron frames cost 15,000 Bells each, so they're a profitable item for villagers who spend a lot of time mining and want to take advantage of Animal Crossing's arduous crafting system. Shell arches are another matter. It requires six shells of different rarities, and the player needs three of each type. Seashells can be found on the beach, but finding lots of them can be a daunting task; nonetheless, any Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager who wants to try can get the recipe from the lazy villager.


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