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Exact Reward:

- The 1st day gets 1.5M Bells, will obtain on the 7th day.

- The 2nd-6th Day gets 20K per day, the 7th day 50K, the participant will get 3M Bells on The 7th day!

- The 8th- 13th day 50K Bells per day, the 14th day 300K! The participant will get 6M Free Bells + 100 Nook Miles Tickets + Random items in total on these 14th days!

If you join the activity, you will get an aggregate of 9M Bells + 100 Nook Miles Ticket + Random Items!


- Use the valid and true email address to register, in order to avoid the cheaters or the false information, we need the email verification code when you try to obtain the 7th-day reward.

- During the 14 days activity, please make an order on our website, no matter the amount, then give us the order number when time to get the 14th reward.

Friendly Reminder:

- During the activity, If you forget to attend one day, no worries, the days are cumulative.

- The attendance date will reset every 14 days, if you had attended for 14 days, when attending the 15th day, it will start as 1st day, to continue the new start.

- Don’t want to receive the 7th-day reward now? It's able to postpone it. When you get ready to receive it, please verify the email code and contact customer service.

- Forget to obtain the treasure chest? If you had attended 14 days, no worries, it won't expire before you obtain the 14th-day reward! You will start the new attend round after you obtain the reward chest.after you obtain the reward.

Waiting for the Adventurers! Any problems please hit Live Chat.

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