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​You can now visit Random Dreamland and visit Nintendo's official island


In the latest winter update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in addition to the Island Transfer tool function, there is a very interesting new feature. You can now ask Luna to create random dreams for you!

Before the winter update, people who played games were very familiar with the function of visiting dreams. You need to choose "Yes, I want to sleep..." while lying on the bed in the house. The player must ask the character Luna to use the dream address to bring them into a specific dream. In addition, players can also relive their dreams.

However, the newly updated feature introduces another option that players can use with Luna. Now, you only need to select "Surprise Me" to ask Luna to bring you a random dream, without a dream address.

How to visit Nintendo's official island


An interesting location has been added in this update, that is, Nintendo's official island you can visit at any time, but you can only visit the island in your dreams. When you visit a specific dream in the game, you can sleep in any bed at home when you talk to Luna. When you meet Luna after falling asleep, you only need to enter the dream address 6382-1459-4417. This will take you to the official Nintendo Island.

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