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Why are some items in the Nook Shop not for sale in Animal Crossing?


Nook Stop is a multifunctional service terminal. Nook Stop is located on a corner of Nook's Cranny. Once Nook's Cranny is built, part of the catalog of rare items will be unlocked in the Nook Shopping section of the Nook Stop.

Nook Stop offers to Earn and Redeem Nook Miles services. Check-in at the Nook Stop every day to earn bonus Nook Miles. Log in for 1 day to get 50 miles. 7 days a cycle. Players can earn up to 300 Miles. Toggle the L and R buttons to redeem specials, DIY manuals, items, and advertising items. Choose what you like and follow the prompts. Choose Buy Nook Miles directly to avoid repetitive actions every day.

Nook Stop

Nook Stop offers Nook Shopping functionality

Nook Shopping refers to both Nook Stop's service and the NookPhone app of the same name. By choosing the Nook Shopping service, players can view special items, view a catalog of acquired furniture, view a catalog of acquired clothing items, view a catalog of acquired wallpapers and floors, etc., and search for items using keywords. The operation is still very simple, switch the L and R buttons to view the entire Animal Crossing Items directory. All catalogs contain the words available for purchase and not for sale.

Not for sale at Nook Stop

Not for sale items will not show a price. Meaning that players cannot order. Animal Crossing Island life is casual and relaxing. In most cases, players need to complete quests to get the corresponding ACNH Items. The catalog in Nook Stop is the most complete. Items that cannot be purchased from the catalog will still appear in the catalog. This way is really great! If all are available for purchase, players will lose the fun of the game.

Items not for sale

Notes on not for sale

Entering Nook's Cranny, according to the rules for purchasing Animal Crossing Items, Nook Shopping imposes restrictions on players' order data and can order up to 5 items per day. To add to the fun, the Nook catalog will also be updated with listings at certain times and on certain days. Players can participate in more island activities to get more non-sale items. If you want to get a product that is not for sale, you need to pay attention to the launch time of the product in advance.

Nook Stop also offers ABD services. The menu bar will display the player's bells deposit balance. Players can choose deposit and withdrawal businesses. The bells balance can show whether the player is rich or not. At ACBellsBuy.com, players can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells. Simple operation and fast delivery. We provide the mission ACNH Items you need in the game. Choose from Buy ACNH Gold, Buy Nook Miles Tickets or Buy ACNH Items. Reviews will show players the most authentic shopping experience.

The Resident Service Center of New Horizons Island Nook Shop is always located on the right side of the Resident Service Center, whether it is in the form of a tent or a complete building. Entering the Nook Stop control interface, players can redeem Nook Miles, spend AC Bells through Nook Shopping, access their ABD to pay off their home loan or deposit, and withdraw animal crossing money Bells.

Each island has a Nook Stop, but using a Nook Miles ticket to other islands, players cannot use the Nook Shop on other islands. Nook Miles Ticket price supports Nook Miles exchange. About How to get a Nook miles ticket, you can get it by completing simple tasks on your island. Nook Travel Ticket supports flights only. With Mystery Journey, you can only spawn new animal villagers on other islands or bring back island materials. The items on sale at Nook Shopping change every day. Every day you visit Nook Shopping you will find a different product. Once an Animal Crossing Items is purchased, it will be stored in your catalog forever.