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where to buy the best items


Animal crossing encourages you to socialize authentically .Each island is initially set to have one and only one kind of fruit tree, the peach tree, the orange tree, the apple tree, etc. How do you get the seeds of other fruit trees? Only to someone else's island

Rely on social to build game momentum, which I think was part of the design goal from the beginning. You have an island, and no matter how big your island is, sooner or later you will get tired of it. But if you can visit different islands and see different landscapes and creations, you will have the motivation to build your own island into something you never thought of before.Kineson's design is such a design that strongly engages the player's internal motivation. Not through games to force you, but to give yourself the opportunity to choose and act.

Animal Crossing Garden Project

As for whether it will be a novelty, every game has a life span, and even if the time on Motion Son's screen never ends, there must be a life cycle outside of the game.In modern society, what we lack most is this kind of leisure -- nothing to seek, no stress, no reward, "I just want to find a place to stay" -- "The Movement of the son" provides this kind of space, is this kind of "peach blossom land。Recently, a lot of players have asked me a total question, that is, how to get a ticket, ticket is a mileage ticket, can be used to fly to other islands, so players become tickets.

There are two main ways to obtain air tickets, namely exchange and transaction, today i will share an additional method, you can buy Animal Crossing Bells on our website, there is a super fast delivery speed and low price, you can click on https://www.acbellsbuy.com