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​When will Animal Crossing New Horizons become obsolete?


Friends who don't have a switch plan to save money to buy a switch first. I wonder if Animal Crossing New Horizons will become obsolete after the purchase. How long has Animal Crossing New Horizons been released? Will it always update the game? These are the questions that the friends care about, then ACBellsBuy will answer for you.

There will be no outdated console games. You can only say that the heat has passed. Is the 17-year Breath of the Wild now outdated? If a game loses its popularity, if it is an online game, it will not match people and the game experience will be poor. If it is a stand-alone game with rich content, even if it loses popularity, your own experience will not be too bad.

What's more, the online content of the game Animal Crossing New Horizons is just the icing on the cake, changing furniture with friends, giving things away, and visiting other people's homes. Even if you are not online, you will not experience the feeling of being discounted.

Animal crossing villagers

And slowly build your own uninhabited island, collect furniture, unlock illustrations and enrich museums, and be friends with small animals. These stand-alone content accounts for most of the gameplay of Animal Crossing New Horizons, so there is no need to worry about no one. Accompany you online and lose the fun of this game.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is suitable for people with friends, and more suitable for people without friends. If you are just playing a game for the heat, and watching others play, I want to play it. If others have it, I can't live without it, not from your own liking. I suggest rational judgment and think about whether you really like this game. Rather than being brought to the rhythm by others.