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​What will happen if you leave Animal Crossing for a long time?


If the player hasn't logged into the Animal Crossing island for a long time, the weeds on the island will not be cleaned up, and the fossils will no longer be excavated. The experience of the residents on the island will also deteriorate, and there will even be quarrels. As time goes by, when you go home for a long time, there will be cockroaches in the room, and terrible cockroaches will travel around your room unscrupulously. You must find a way to eliminate them.

Animal crossing villagers

When the player is no longer active on the island, the relationship between the player and the animal inhabitants on the island will also become delicate, because the player as the protagonist of the island no longer talks to them, the animal inhabitants may even forget what you are called, although they say This is just a joke, but it does mean that you have left the game for a long time, and they think you have forgotten them.

Planting saplings

Players returning to the island again will feel strange with the animal residents, but you should not be discouraged. As long as you keep the frequency of entering the island, this feeling will not last too long. When you can say "Turnips" to any inhabitant on the island After that, peace on the island will be successfully restored.


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