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​What made the animal crossing Tom Nook terrified?


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become the main content of popular culture even one year after its release. Many Animal Crossing villagers have gained their fans. Most villagers are known for their quirky personalities, and some villagers have gained a dark reputation because of their character problems.

Tom Nook runs the players' islands in the Animal Crossing game. Tom initially helped players set up shops on the island. And provide them with most of the opportunities to upgrade their houses and houses. Players will choose to upgrade their houses to live more comfortably. The help of Tom Nook in the game is paid and requires hard work from the player.

Because of character problems, Tom is not good at expressing emotions. But something happened recently that made Tom Nook startled from a cunning player. This player wears a terrible hat. In the video, Tom Nook has been spoofed recently. This is the sweet revenge of the player against Tom Nook.

In the video, the player wears a bear hat and enters the resident service building on the island. Then the player with the funny mask appeared unexpectedly in front of Tom. Tom was shocked in the video and casually said a few selection spells. This video is just one of the funny content. Of course, this part of the video is fabricated. Because Tom Nook's pre-programmed answer does not include this playful language.

Other players on the Internet seemed to be amused by this video as well. In the actual dialogue of Animal Crossing, Tom Nuuk may simply greet the player as usual, not caring about their funny headgear choices. But the creativity of the players exceeds the possibilities in the animal crossing game, which also shows that they are anxiously waiting for new content. For now, fans seem to be satisfied with the spoof Tom Nook. For more exciting content, please bookmark ACBellsBuy and check the latest developments at any time.