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​What is the fastest way to get rid of debt in New Horizons?


Players need to pay an animal crossing bells to Tom Nook for every activity on the island. Although catching bugs and fish may be a reliable way to get bells in Animal Crossing, they usually don't bring much profit. There are a limited number of more important ways to make money every day.


Players find a stone containing money on the island every day and hit it to produce varying amounts of gold coins. For novice players, this is not a small income.

gold coins

A limited number of fossils will also be generated around the island. Players can dig them out of the ground wherever star marks are found on the island. Once they are recognized by Blathers in the museum, they can be used in Nook's Cranny. Sell fossils at high prices. Although new players may find that they donate more fossils than they sell, filling in the museum catalog is an easy feat that will provide plenty of daily opportunities to make bell fossils.


It is worth mentioning that the turnip stalk market is a profitable opportunity. Buying low and selling high in the trading market every week can make you rich quickly. But this is a high risk, high reward investment method, which depends largely on luck. Therefore, it is not desirable.

Grow radishes

The best way to earn the acnh bells

In addition, purchasing animal crossing bells through a reliable third-party platform will allow you to pay off the loan immediately. Buying ACNH Bells on ACBellsbuy.com is the choice of most players. ACBellsBuy is a platform that specializes in providing trading services for ACNH players. Whether you lack Animal Crossing or want to use Nook Miles Tickets to go out to play, especially players who lack Animal Crossing Items, ACBellsBuy will provide you with sufficient resources to help you better enjoy the game well.