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What is the fastest way to earn Nook Miles tickets in Animal Crossing


In Animal Crossing, players can use Nook Miles Tickets to take a mysterious journey to the desert island. For gamers, these mysterious journeys are still part of the core experience. This method is one of the best ways for players to manage the island to obtain ACNH Items.

New Horizons will not pose challenges for players that cannot be accomplished. For example, players who are not authorized to enter the closet will not encounter the challenge of changing the closet. For the islands that have not been unlocked, if the game does not bring challenges to the player, the "incomplete" islands will provide you with fewer tasks for the Nook Miles Plus challenge.

However, players should remember that they cannot bring many villagers to an incomplete island, so they will eventually have to improve their island.

Nook Miles tickets

The beginning of the terminal

Players interact with Nook Stop Terminal daily to get a dose of Nook Miles. On the first day, players will receive 50 bonus miles. The player earned 300 miles from Nook Stop for the seventh consecutive day. In addition, players will get 300 Nook Miles every day they visit Nook Stop after the seventh time.

Players need to beware of tasks that randomly add multipliers. For example, the first five tasks assigned to them will always have x2 multipliers. Some challenges may be up to x5! Players should always prioritize these high-risk challenges in order to maximize their profits and maximize their NMT.

Join some interest groups

Players can join an active trading player community. Some players offer sweepstakes or various activities and invite others to exchange prizes. Some "event organizers" usually ask NMT to let other players participate in what they create. Sometimes, they also charge fees in the form of bells or other items. Essentially, these events become a good way for people to communicate with each other.

In addition, interest groups become an easy way to sell items, recipes, and advertise to villagers who may be of interest to others. In this way, players can earn NMT much easier by trading in the real world.

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