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​What is the easiest way to build a bridge in animal crossing?


Waiting for the player to rest for a night, and after entering the game again the next day, you will first encounter Isabelle, a part-time broadcaster. Isabelle acts as the secretary of the player character. Tell everyone about the island. In addition, Isabelle will tell you some useful information about life. As players, we can combine this information and use it flexibly.

Nook will also notify players on the bulletin board in the square that they can use the recorder for free. The new day will begin with broadcast gymnastics.

How to play broadcast gymnastics: Players can hold Joy-Con and twist their bodies. Or use the buttons on the handle to input. After the gymnastics start, the body twisting method and key operation guidance will be displayed. If it is a novice player, it is recommended that the player choose the button operation. The button operation is more friendly to novice players.

Animal crossing villagers

lucky! My friend Silvia. Teach me how to express happiness physically. Using the ZR button correctly, you can express a happy expression. The happy expression is like I can directly choose the mood of Buy Animal Crossing Bells.

When expanding the island, the bridge is a public building that players must consider. Bridges can reach areas blocked by rivers and will improve the overall beauty of your island. Building a bridge successfully is a time-consuming and expensive project. Once successfully built, it can facilitate the life of the islanders and make travel easier.

Site selection of bridges and ramps

Want to successfully build a bridge. The player must talk to Tom Nook. Choose public works. Discuss issues related to bridges and ramps. Choose a bridge or ramp. The bridge can quickly reach the opposite side. The location of the bridge is best to be built along the river. The ramp can be a staircase or a slope, which is very easy for going up and down the cliff. The location of the ramp is under a cliff in a certain space.


You can only build a total of 10 bridges and slopes on your island. Animal Crossing that has not been upgraded to version 2.0 can only build 8.

Material preparation for bridges and ramps

The player wants to successfully create a bridge. Need to complete 2 tasks. Task one, the player needs to invite 3 residents to come to your island first. Task two, players need to prepare bridge-building tools and materials.

Log Stakes (4)

Clay (4)

Stone (4)

After the materials are prepared. Contact Tom Nook and express the need to create a bridge. Tom Nook will give you a bridge construction kit. The tool kit will be automatically distributed to the player's backpack. Return to the player's island, find a suitable location, and choose to build. After preparing enough materials, make sure that the account has enough bells. Fortunately, players can choose Buy ACNH Bells from the ACBellsBuy.com. Players can spend the least amount of money to get more sets of bells.


Delete bridge

If you find that you want to delete the bridge. go to Tom Nook. Choose the island infrastructure option again, and then choose to remove the bridge. At this point, the bridge can be demolished smoothly.

If you don't know where to screen, you can also ask Tom Nook for help. Tom Nook will tell the player how to find a suitable location. The principle is to follow the direction of the river from the bank where you want to hypothesize. It should be noted that the length of the river is longer or shorter. The uneven river bank cannot be constructed.

In the end, still unable to find a suitable area, the player can return to the Tom Nook workbench and choose to terminate the construction.