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What does the Cute rose crown do? How to get it quickly?


The Cute Rose Crown is the headdress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After wearing, it will enhance the temperament. There are about 60 kinds of Cute Items in New Horizons, including Recipe: cute rose crown, cute sneakers and cute-paint flooring, as well as other types, with a variety of colors and different combinations. Players have more choices. The cute rose crown is one of the decorations that players like very much.

rose 1

If you want to buy a cute ACNH Rose crown in the game, you need to accumulate a lot of bells. Of course, you can also get it through DIY. You need ACNH Rose3×pink roses and ACNH Rose3×orange roses . These recipes can be obtained from any villager.

These are all happy times for players to enjoy the game. However, for other players, they may just have a fancy to one of the ACNH Cute Items and don't want to make it by themselves, so it is most suitable to obtain them through trading.

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