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​What does lsabelle do every day in Animal Crossing Service Center?


The yellow Shih Tzu dog with a ponytail is Isabelle, a ribbon tied to the ponytail with a bell on it, jingling as she walks. Lsabelle works in resident service building with Tom Nook responsible for construction consultation counter.

Generally, you will see Isabelle sits in front of the office table or waters the flowers in her working building. Once players come to her for consultation, she will turn to work. She is mainly charge of Changing the island flag, solving the problem of the residents, changing the island tune, and evaluating the island level.


Change the island flag

Island flag hang at the service center and airport to be a sign. Collection of new scheme from island residents is also one of her duties. If players tend to design unique flag, they can submit new design proposals by the option “my design”. If there is no better design, you can also use the eight kinds of free design offered by system.

Discuss a resident

Isabelle will deal with the contradiction between players and other Animal Crossing villagers but can't interfere everything or solve everything. What she can do is to focus on the pet phrase and clothes of villagers avoiding some unpleasant experience caused to surrounding villagers. If someone is so disagreeable, you can provide the name to lsabelle.

Change the island tune

The island theme song will be played in many places. Isabelle will also raise some new tunes created by residents. If you want to change the island theme song, you can submit new tune to Isabelle.

Evaluate the island level

Island evaluation system collect opinions randomly from residents inside and outside the island and then score, 5 grades in total. The number of villagers and the fullness of public construction in a properly trimmed natural environment with proper landscape, all these are completed, the evaluation will be improved! You can consult Isabelle about recurrent grade.

She will also give feeling feedback collected from other villagers to players. The number of villagers affect the popularity of the island's discussion, which is one of the factors for island's grade. So promote the number of villagers and enhance more views, the grade up.

If you tend to increase residents, saleable land on somewhere of the land must be set up so as to recruit immigrants. As for reserve land for sale, you need conversation with Nook and choose the services of land sale, 10,000 bells for service fee. Nook will pay miles as a signing gift for island owner if there are immigrants.

After you agreed, the service fee will be deducted in your inventory. Then you can choose a suitable land location, ACBellsBuy can provide professional Buy Bells Animal Crossing service. The recruitment of new residents for your island will be released until it is full. That is to say, when there is no land available for sale on your island, the recruitment will stop.