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​What can you get from fishing match in Animal Crossing?


C.J. is a beaver enjoying fishing. He seldom appears on island. Once he shows, there will be a fishing match organized by him. So he is the sponsor of the match in the name of Fishing Tourney from 9:00 A.M. to 18:00 P.M. on service center square. Players arrive there and talk with C.J., and then you can formally join the match. It's free for those who participate for the first time. From the second match, 500 bells will be charged for each.

Rules for Fishing Tourney

Players fish as much as possible within 3 minutes. You will obtain points according to the amount of your fish! The points can be used to exchange for exquisite fish merchandise of C.J. The fish players caught are deliver to the Cooler in the tent among the center square. Cooler are used to store all fish you caught during the match. It differs from backpack that won't take up your space. One fish can charge for one point. As there are more than 3 fish, the system will give extra two points.


Preparation for the match

Players prepare a fishing rod as C.J. hints. I prepared 4 fishing rods in order to prevent damage of the fishing rod. Once the fishing rod is damaged, I can quickly switch to a new one. I also prepared 10 packets of fish feed in advance to increase the chance of hooking fish.

As the match starts, you can get to the seaside quickly and find a suitable place. Having Thrown the fish feed facing the sea, you can fish at once without adjusting your direction until the end of the time.


Return to C.J. when time is over. Just keep repeating this process. Take my advice, in my viewpoint, the cove is a good place. Use fish feed incessantly within 3 minutes. You can catch 8 fish without making a mistake that can charge 10 points.

Points Exchange

Talking to C.J. he will check players' points automatically. As the points are accumulated to 10, players can exchange it for a prize randomly. The match is held every 3 months. So take every match seriously!

There are 13 prizes that can be redeemed, including 8 kinds of furniture and 5 kinds of clothes. Every prize need 10 points. At least 100 fish feed needed if you want them all. For more fish feed, come to ACBellsBuy and use the coupon code: TA12 at a 12% OFF! The shopping carnival has begun, so filling up your backpack inventory!