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What areas should a full Animal Crossing New Horizons island have?


Animal Crossing New Horizons Island is a complete ecological chain model. What buildings are needed?

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Animal Crossing Island Designs is a featured game in Animal Crossing New Horizonn. Every new player can choose an island at the start of the game. The location of a small part of the building is unchanged. But the rest of the island is free to customize. After completing the tutorial with Nook and Animal Crossing Isabelle, players will unlock the ACNH Island Designs feature. You can build cliffs, dig rivers, pave roads, and do many other activities to make your island a warm home for you and all the villagers on the island. But for beginners in the game, building a perfect island is not easy. You need to consider a lot of details, like the location of buildings, the direction of the river, etc.

Before customizing the island, you need 2D & 3D Design Drawings. The great thing about 2D & 3D Design Drawings is that you can get HD maps of the design islands. On the map, you can see all the details of the island. Such as villagers' houses, bridges, and rivers. Buy ACNH Island Designs from Acbellsbuy, you can also put forward your design inspiration, and then contact the professional customer service consultant to negotiate the final design of the island. A complete island should have the following areas:

Basic ACNH Shop: Residential area, residential service center area, museum, library, store, shopping area, village area, camping area, and more.

Auxiliary areas: scenic display area, route passing, garden area, street area, garden, fruit forest, outdoor swimming pool, outdoor waterfall, and even more.

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The placement of each building on the island is relatively final, as you won't be able to move them until you reach a certain point in the game, and once you can, it will cost a lot to do so. It's better to plan and get the right spot the first time. town square, residential services, and the airport through which you arrived are the only immovable buildings in the game. Everything else is placed by you and, if needs be, can be moved. Moving a building typically costs 50,000 Animal Crossing Bells, but there is one Exception - your own house. You can get a little discount - the moving house is only 30,000 AC Bells. Bells of mobile buildings cannot lend to Nook, you can buy ACNH Bells from ACbellsbuy.com or participate in island activities to earn AC Bells. As we all know, the process of the latter method will be very troublesome.

Blathers' Museum: A museum is a collection and display of insects, fish, fossils, paintings, and sculptures. To increase the overall star rating of the island, you need the help of the museum building.

Library: The place where knowledge is placed, including Tiny library. In the library, you can place wooden bookshelf, Stack of books, book stands, wooden-block bookshelf, pop-up Book, and even more.

ACNH Store: Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, and Nook Shopping. The basic ACNH tools, fashion apparel, and limited-time rare items you need on the island can be purchased in the island shop. ACNH Shop supports some ACNH Items for Sale. Especially after the ACNH 2.0 update, the items players can choose from are more diverse. Some items need to be obtained in a specific month, To Buy Animal Crossing Items can unlock your month question.

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Villagers: An island can invite up to 10 NPC villagers. This is also a great help for getting rare bonus items in island time after you're done. For villager settlements, I recommend having them next to each other. This way you can visit each of their villagers in the shortest possible time.

Campground: A campground is a temporary settlement that allows villagers to visit the player's island. If you meet your favorite villager at the campsite, you can also take the opportunity to send an invitation to let the villagers live on the island. In contrast, it is easier to use Nook Miles to redeem Nook Miles Tickets. Remember, Nook Miles cannot embark on Mystery Journeys. For the first try, you can choose Buy Nook Miles Tickets.

Scenic area: The furniture can be placed outdoors. On a clear day, take a break in the scenic area.

Route Pass: Path between island buildings. To create paths on your island, you need to unlock the Island Designer app on your NookPhone.

Garden Area: Designate the area where you will plant your flowers by laying some soil on the ground to give the area a more garden-like feel! In addition to planting and watering, you can also use Y to pick flowers. Eventually, you can have a decent-sized garden.

Outdoor Pool: Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not allow you to swim in your pool or any water other than the open ocean. But you can customize The Pool. The Pool as an outdoor item will give an additional 0.5 development points to the island level.

Outdoor Waterfall: Unlocks the Island Designer app where you can purchase the Waterscaping Permit and Cliff Construction Permit at Nook Stop for 6,000 Nook Miles each. Then excavate the edge of the cliff above to reveal the waterfall.