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What are the most valuable bugs in ACNH Items?


Animal Crossing New Horizons Bugs has a total of 80 different bugs for players to collect. These bugs lay their eggs in different locations and at different times. If you want to complete the collection quest, you'll need to carefully study the month, location, weather, and even the northern and southern hemispheres where the bugs appear. Selecting the Buy Bug poster can also boost the island star rating.


Prepare an Animal Crossing Bug Guide. Collecting bugs is part of completing island-building. According to comments from Facebook players, turning bugs into unique artwork can beautify their island and facilitate island upgrades. Many times, players need enough Bell Vouchers to successfully upgrade the island. Players need to complete certain tasks to earn ACNH Bells. Collecting fish and bugs on the island is one of the quick ways to earn bells.

According to the ACNH Bug List, the most valuable bugs sell for between 6,000 and 12,000 bells. Bugs will sell at a price based on rarity. Among them, cicada shells are more common. Each sells for 10bells, which is also the lowest sale price. Cicada shells have no time limit and are easy to meet on trees in July and August.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bugs

The hardest ACNH Bugs to catch are the Golden stag, Giraffe stag, and Horned Hercules. They are sold for 12,000bells each. This is the highest selling price in the Animal Crossing game, and if you want to catch them, you need to research when and where they appear. Otherwise, you'll be hard-pressed to catch them.

Before you're ready to catch bugs, you'll also need some handy tools. Such as Golden Net. If you want to make Golden Net, you need to prepare Iron Nuggets Animal Crossing in advance. You can also use Artisanal Bug Cage to collect and display your favorite bugs.

Bug poster and Artisanal Bug Cage

Unwanted bugs can go to Nook's Cranny and sell to Timmy and Tommy for some money. From Bells, at Nook's Cranny, you can also go to the ABLE Sister Shop for some beautiful clothing. Acbellsbuy can provide any ACNH Items you need. Choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to keep your Island Designs unhindered.