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​What are the main ways to obtain bells in Animal Crossing of New Horizons


In Animal Crossing of New Horizons, your environment is an island, and all tasks are related to clothing, food, housing, and transportation. Of course, to survive on the island, you must have the ability to make money. In the game, there are two main ways to make money: farming and buying.

All daily activities of the player (such as weeding, collecting resources, catching insects, planting trees, etc.) are all ways to make money. In the game, novices can stay on the island permanently, even if you don’t do anything all day and don’t ring the bell, no one will expel you.

Self-reliance is a virtue, but relying solely on farming to make money is unrealistic for many players. Because it is very time-consuming, the time in New Horizons is very similar to reality, and no one can change the time in the game, so even waiting for a tree to mature will take a long time.

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Compared to farming, buying Animal Crossing Bells directly is the choice of most players, because it is very convenient and time-saving. Of course, the most important thing is to choose a reliable store to prevent being deceived.

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