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​What are the advantages of ACBellsBuy VIP members and how to become VIPs?


Good news, To reward players for their support of ACBellsBuy, we launched a special online membership promotion. All users who register and log in to ACBellsBuy can enjoy membership discounts.

Different membership levels will enjoy different discounts, the higher the level, the greater the discount, Up to 12% Off. Become a member player, your total order consumption determines your membership level, you can check the membership level and discount rate in the member center. Or refer to the table.

VIP members

How to use VIP discount for new users?

When you place an order after logging in for the first time, you will automatically use the membership discount when you enter the shopping box payment page. You will see that your order amount is reduced. Some players may be worried about whether I can still enjoy other benefits if I use the membership discount. What about a discount? Please rest assured, our member discount can be used at the same time as other discounts. When encountering holiday promotions, As a member, you can enjoy up to a discount.

Having said that, when our membership function was launched, many friends already quietly registered and enjoyed membership discounts. What are you waiting for? ACBellsBuy wants users to spend the least money to enjoy the best gaming fun.