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What Animal Crossing Bells Can Do During ACNH Winter


Animal Crossing New Horizons' islands except sunny and rainy. There are also changing seasons.

Each season has many unique events and characters. Among them, winter is my favorite. Winter is very interesting, and we can do a lot of things. The game treats the start time of the next day as 5 AM, so no matter where you are, the seasons will change around 4:59 AM.

Four seasons

The Animal Crossing New Horizons scene has changed over time.


Northern Hemisphere: February 25 to May 31

Southern Hemisphere: 25 August to 30 November


Northern Hemisphere: June 1 to August 31

Southern Hemisphere: December 1st to February 28th


Northern Hemisphere: September 1st to November 25th

Southern Hemisphere: March 1 to May 25


Northern Hemisphere: November 26 to February 24

Southern Hemisphere: May 26 to August 24

Animal Crossing Snowman

When winter hits your island, the entire island will be covered in snow. Shops on the island also sell winter decorations. There's a good chance you'll catch some winter activities in Animal Crossing, such as catching snowflakes and planting Holly Bushes. Animal Crossing Gold is the only approved currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons, including Bell Voucher Animal CrossIng. You can buy any item on the island with ACNH Bells, such as Buy ACNH Island Designs.

Make a Snowflake Wreath

Snowflake garlands are a beautiful decoration. When it snows on your island, Tom Nook may have sent you the DIY recipe you need. Head over to your DIY workbench to make a snowflake wreath from the four snowflakes you've collected. You can hang a snowflake garland outside your front door or at home. Before decorating the house, I recommend calling in Animal Crossing Island Designs. Because of late changes to Animal Crossing Island Layout Ideas, you'll need to spend a lot of ACNH Bells. It is very necessary to have Animal Crossing Island Ideas in advance.

Animal Crossing Nook's Cranny

Visit Nook's Cranny

If it were me, I'd make Nook's Cranny the top of my to-do list. If you're looking to buy winter snowballs, go to Nook's Cranny. Because Nook's Cranny sells some fresh toys and decorations year-round. Nook's Cranny and the ABLE SISTERS SHOP sell both finished products if you want to gamble big. Take advantage of Nook Miles Tickets, and you can fly to mysterious islands. Based on experience from community players, choosing Buy Nook Miles Tickets is a good idea.

Make a snowman

If it's snowing on your island. And it would be a shame that your island didn't have two cute little snowmen. Once you've followed the steps to kick the snowball to the perfect size, you can successfully make a snowman. Taking a photo with the snowman will be a very fulfilling thing.

Animal Crossing ABLE SISTERS

Grab Christmas outfits from ABLE SISTERS

As a one-stop-shop, ABLE SISTERS offers everything about fashion and seasonal clothing. Entering the fitting room, you can try on all winter elements such as dresses, knitted hats, Christmas hats, or snow boots. During the shopping process, you need to pay with ACNH Gold.

In addition to that, you can also grow Holly Bushes around your island. Buy seeds in bulk so you can plant them in various locations on the island and increase your overall rating to five stars. Try cooking some holiday recipes. DIY recipes are available so you can throw a festive feast for all your villagers. We, ACBellsBuy.com, act as a professional trading site. Our site has the quest items you need to be active in Animal Crossing New Horizons, including ACNH Items, ACNH Island Designs, Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, and more. 24/7 online service.