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​Update: Animal Crossing's NookLink app added a catalog function


With the update of New Horizons seasonal theme, its supporting NookLink app has now been updated. Nintendo has added a convenient new catalog function to its mobile service, making it easier for you to keep track of all items acquired in the game.


NookLink is part of the Nintendo Switch Online mobile application. Through the newly added catalog function, players can quickly find furniture, clothing and other items purchased in New Horizons. Through this function, players can obtain product color/design variants, the cost of purchasing items from Nook's Crany, and whether they can be customized. The catalog function can also display the 20 most recently purchased items in the game.

In addition to NookLink allowing compatible games for voice chat, the app also provides game-specific services for two other first-party games. For example, Splatoon 2 players can use SplatNet 2 features to track their statistics, view map rotation and order items in the game, while Super Smash Bros.

A new feature in the New Horizons winter update is the game's Christmas event Toy Day, which will be held on December 24. Before that, you can buy the ACNH Items you like from the ACBellsBuy site. Our inventory is sufficient to ensure that you can enjoy the Toy Festival happily.