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Three Ways to Get Animal Crossing Bells Quickly


ACBellsBuy here provides players with three ways, you can choose the most suitable, these can help you get Animal Crossing Bells quickly in the game.

Tarantula Island and Butterfly Island

Buy a ticket to the random island by spending 2000 Nook Miles Tickets on the Nook machine. The airport will be unlocked on the next day of the game. In this way, you can use Tarantula Island (it appears at night) and Butterfly Island (it appears during the day, but you can’t catch bugs if it rains on Butterfly Island) to make money.

Animal crossing clock


Every Sunday morning, Daisy Mae, a small animal with a radish on his head, will sell the radish called rutabaga. Daisy Mae does not need to unlock the store. but! You need to unlock the store to sell carrots! So try to unlock the store. The player’s backpack can hold ten groups of Turnips, which is one hundred, but it cannot be stored and can be thrown on the ground. The radishes bought every Sunday will rot on the next Sunday, so be sure to sell them before the next Sunday. In addition, the purchase prices of different island radishes are different. The purchase prices currently saw a range from 93-110 Animal Crossing Bells. The store will buy radishes from Monday to Saturday, and the purchase prices are different for different islands every day. Players can make a lot of money through this price difference.

Autumn scenery


This is the most recommended method. The conditions for making money are that you and another friend both play this game, both have online members and can be connected smoothly, and the fruits on each island are different. The mechanism of use is to find Nook from a service station or store to buy local fruits. Each local fruit is 400 bells, and you can buy unlimited. Selling non-local fruits to the little civet cat is 500 bells, and the difference is 100 yuan. Let's find a friend. Unlock the three-row backpack and buy 200 fruits at a time, with a net profit difference of 30,000 Animal Crossing Bells, unlock the four-row is 40,000 Animal Crossing Bells, and once back and forth is 60,000-80,000 Animal Crossing Bells, as long as it is not particularly handicapped, it can be 60,000-80,000 Animal Crossing Bells in 10-13 minutes. No need to spend Nook Miles Tickets, no need to catch bugs to blind eyes.

Nook's Cranny

In addition, there are other quick ways to make money, such as focusing on fishing for big fish, building a group of flowers to catch bugs, etc., which are not listed here. Perhaps Buy Animal Crossing Bells at ACBellsBuy is the most suitable choice, which saves you a lot of time and avoids repeated operations. Our price is very affordable, which is very cost-effective.