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The Way To Restrict Message Bottles' Spawn Locations In Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Every player likes to explore islands in New Horizons. There are many secret tricks or methods for a certain task in the game. Players are still discovering new things about Animal Crossing: New Horizons every day. For example, some new techniques or a new farm practice. Since the release of New Horizons, players have discovered ways to prevent unwanted branches and fossils from being generated randomly.

Although New Horizons has been released for more than a year, there are still some things in the game that not everyone knows. For example, how to limit the generation of Message Bottles to one location?

Message Bottles are small bottles usually found on the shore of the beach. Its concept was first introduced by Nintendo in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Players can get useful news and DIY recipes from Message Bottles.

In addition, if you play for a while, you may have noticed that you will receive new recipes most of the time. You can find it on the main islands every day. If you are lucky, you will occasionally find it on the beach of Mysterious Island. Message Bottles are generated at random locations, but, in most cases, you will see them on the east, south, and west coastlines.

The process of finding Message Bottles can be difficult, so some players want to limit it to a fixed location. Fortunately, there is a new technique that can limit their production. For this technique to work, you must block all other potential spawn locations except for a basic location. This will help you to collect the bottles in the same location and find them easily every day.

You can also use this method to limit the location of other items. Such as Shells, Star Fragments, Clothes, Arts, Fish, and many other items. The Shells are the best choice because they can help you improve the overall appearance of the beach on the island. If you lack these interesting and beautiful items, you can buy them on ACBellsBuy.