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The Way To Catch Wasps in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, A wasp is a hostile insect. No matter in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere, It is difficult to completely avoid wasps on your island. A wasp is an aggressive insect. If the player is provoked, it will chase and sting the player. In the Animal Crossing: New Horizons example, this means knocking a hornet's nest from the tree-this is what you cannot accurately predict what you will do. There are no serious consequences of being stung by a wasp, but it can be annoying. Fortunately, the way to deal with wasps is more than just being stung. If you are stung, there is medicine to treat it.

Stinged face

How to catch a wasp

Requirements: 1 x network

Catch wasps in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you must first be unlucky enough to knock off the hive on the tree while doing daily chores. This can happen in many ways: shaking an ordinary tree to find branches, shaking a fruit tree to pick its fruits, or cutting down the tree with an ax to obtain wood. There are five wasps laying eggs every day on your own island, and there may be a pair on a desert island, so be prepared.

All you need is a net, but you have to be smart about your methods. Unlike other bugs, you can run to them or sneak close to them in your free time. You only have one second to catch them before they sting you.

When you shake or hit a tree with the hive, the hive will pop up and play a short animation showing the wasps swarming out of the hive angrily. At this point, if you do nothing, you will be overtaken and stung by the swarm. Of course, you can also run away from the wasps, and then quickly turn around to catch them with your net, but this requires a very precise time, if you are not careful, you may have problems in an instant. If you really do this, we suggest you choose a running direction, hold down the B button and run away quickly, and then quickly turn around to face the direction you came from. This way you can maintain a certain distance between you and the bee colony and can easily catch them when they are close.


There is also a faster and safer way to catch wasps, which we will introduce in detail below.

Make sure your characters are completely facing away from you and they are facing the tree. Shake the tree and let the hornet's nest fly out. When the hive is provoked, you will not control your character for a second, but you will notice that your character will automatically turn to the hive. At the moment you regain control of the situation, use your net to catch the wasp.

Try to approach the tree from the side instead of directly facing or approaching from behind, so that your character is in the best position to catch the swarm. Through the net, you can catch the wasps immediately, otherwise, the wasps will start flying in all directions and you are successful The chance of will be greatly reduced.

If you are hunting wasps, this may sound like the best way, but it’s good to do it, even if you’re just picking fruit or chopping wood-this way, you won’t be blindfolded and you can make money easily some money.

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