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The Simplest Animal Crossing: New Horizons Swimming Diving Guide


Things to do diving game guide

Animals crossing shallow water 1

Players need to go to the store to buy diving suits first. The wetsuit needs 3000 Animal Crossing Bells

Note that the purchase in the raccoon will not be received until the next day.

If you want to experience it today, you can go to the nook store to buy it and get it directly.

After purchasing a diving suit, put on the diving suit and go swimming and diving in the sea.

After coming to the beach, press the A button to swim in the water, and press the Y button in the water to dive.

Animals crossing shallow water 2

Diving effect

Diving allows players to acquire brand new marine life, such as jellyfish, starfish, etc.

Sea creatures, like insects and fish, can be handed over to museum collections.

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