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The Player Survey Animal Crossing New Horizons Popular Villagers Ranking


Animal Crossing New Horizons, an excellent casual game, it also has some competitive data. Some Japanese players have made a global reputation ranking among all the villagers. If you have nothing special Ideas about the villagers, you can take a look at this list first.

Animal Crossing Friends

In addition to Anabelle and Cyrano, who have never heard of it, there are Ursala, Charlise, Groucho, Beardo, etc. Among them, Anabelle Amiibo card is the most popular character in various auctions, often with very high, The price is completed.

Of course, he is not only cute but also has some unique appearance, house decoration, and other elements. Although only the avatar is used as a reference in the leaderboard, if the player has a plan, we still recommend that they learn more about each villager!

What is the most important thing? This list is for reference only. This is not to encourage you to work hard to collect the so-called S+ villagers. This will make you lose the meaning of the game. After all, the biggest advantage of this game is leisure and freedom. Of course, you can choose and What kind of villagers live together is better than in reality you can't choose neighbors.

Animal crossing villagers

Animal crossing villagers 2

Animal crossing villagers 3

Animal crossing villagers 4

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