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​The leaker revealed an update to Animal Crossing, do you believe it?


According to reports from famous Nintendo insiders and leakers, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released in November at the latest. Not only will Halloween content be added. Once determined to be a real event, Brewster and his cafe will also join. There are no news reports from other media. This should be first-hand information.

The report comes from Nintendo insider and leaker Samus Hunter. Samus Hunter said: The main update may introduce Brewster and his coffee shop, where you can meet old friends, and it will be released in November at most. The team has taken precautions to install the Halloween event without the need for a new update after September.

New Animal Crossing: The New Horizons report may reveal the next major update of the game. This is the whole content of the leaked news. For players who are looking forward to Brewster or Halloween, players will prepare in advance to choose ACNH Items to welcome the new version of the updated content. Because there is still some time before the update. The development team cannot be 100% sure whether the update will be delayed.

All in all, The official website of Animal Crossing did not officially release the news. Even the previous news proved to be reliable, this throw is an internal speculation view. The content of the message is subject to change at any time. Reasonable players should maintain a good attitude. Keep your views and opinions in the face of uncertain news.