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​The latest Animal Crossing seasonal items are now on the market


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has now launched two new seasonal products. This is to celebrate the Obon Festival of a country, and the Animal Crossing store has already put eggplant cows and costumes on the shelves. As time changes, some seasonal products are still being ordered on the market.

Novice players who're not familiar with the newest products can discover the Nook shopping catalog location. Then select special products. Finally, enter the seasonal option. Eggplant Beef is a kind of object very similar to the real vegetable eggplant. Humorously, the eggplant in the game still has 4 legs. All in all, the items this time are very cute. Seasonal items will not be sold all the time. Players who like seasonal items can seize this opportunity.

The Update 1.11.1patch also introduces hardly any other seasonal new things to the game, including Boba and Marshmallows. Whether in games or the real world, we always cherish festivals. The players in the game will choose Animal Crossing Bells to spend the festival. These delicacies are usually won from Redd's booth during the August fireworks show, which may be held every Sunday night this month. In September, Nook Shopping will also provide moon cakes and other moon-viewing foods.

Nintendo has done a very good job in collecting and solving player experience problems. Keep this player experience first service concept. Nintendo officially stated that the purpose of the game is to better serve players. Animal Crossing in the future: New Horizons will bring more joy to players.

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