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The Best Campground ACNH Items Decor - ACbellsbuy


Loans of currency from the Nook can upgrade the player's home. A properly decorated campground can also turn it into an island-style second home.

As the Animal Crossing franchise has matured, New Horizons has gradually become one of the go-to games for families. Especially after the free upgrade of ACNH 2.0, the New Horizons game unlocks more customization settings, and players can combine their ideas with the game to the greatest extent. Like you can finally build cliffs and water features, and completely transform islands to your liking. Changing the island layout in one go requires a lot of Bells Animal Crossing backing. Of course, planting an Animal Crossing Money Tree on the island is also a good idea. ACNH Island Design needs good ACNH Island Ideas to turn your campsite or island into a hot topic on the Animal Crossing forum. The following Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide can help you.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide iamge

Campground Guidelines & Tip 1: Appropriate Distances. Campsites are one of the island's wonderful buildings, and tents are the heart of your campsite. It is recommended that you place your campsite closer to your home so you can easily go check out and interact with new campers. Once you spot a visitor at your campsite, you can offer to invite her/him to stay on your island.

Campground Guide & Tip 2: Decide on an Island Style. Players who are new to New Horizons Island have nothing. First of all, you need to determine what style the island will be made into. It can be fashionable urban style, retro town style, country style, high-tech style, and so on. The New Horizon customization options are very powerful, once the overall style of the island is determined, it can be gradually filled with Animal Crossing Items on the island. I like to grow ACNH Money Trees. This gets AC Bells fast.

Campground Guide & Tip 3: Perfect your campground signage. Campground signs are a must for all campgrounds. You can buy campground signs for 2,500 Animal Crossing Bells from Nook Shopping. Having a campground sign means your campground building is ready. The campground welcomes guests 24 hours a day. At night, to accentuate the ambiance, you can light a bonfire around the perimeter. If your island has Money Tree Animal Crossing planted, you can also see the ACNH Money Tree with the help of a campfire.

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Campground Guide & Tip 4: Furnishings. According to the surrounding environment of the campsite, you can customize the furniture items. ACNH has a wide range of furniture items to choose from. You can choose from the default item list or customize some more elaborate furniture styles. Most furniture supports ACNH Bells payment, you can buy ACNH money in advance to prepare furniture.

Campground Guide & Tip 5: Paths and Water Features. Dirt roads are naturally paired with campground features like lakes or fire pits, and can also be extended to form the foundation of the latter. Using dirt paths throughout the campground can complete the camping adventure feel. There are some interesting custom paths that you need to download yourself. During the layout process, if you have no idea, you can also use Nook Miles Tickets to fly to the mysterious island and arrive at any island to learn from other players' design ideas. Without Animal Crossing NMT, you only have one way to buy ACNH NMT. After the path is added, some small leisure pools, small waterfalls, and other display areas can be added around. It would be better to plant some flowers around to cure bad moods.

In addition to the above suggestions, you can also place picnic baskets, lounge chairs, barbecue grills, casual coffee, and more around the campsite. The New Horizons island decoration items have a lot to choose from. Follow the steps to add island decoration items step by step. When you choose a theme, it doesn't mean you have to stick to it in the process of laying out the island, you can also change the theme at will. Changing the island theme may cost you ACNH Items, ACNH Bells, and even Nook Miles Tickets. You can add the ACNH Items list you need to your shopping cart in advance at ACbellsbuy. When you pay, you can enjoy 10% OFF. A bargain!