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Sharing to get free ACNH Items - Acbellsbuy


Get Free ACNH Items from Acbellsbuy is in progress. Participate in sharing and get free ACNH items.

Free ACNH Items you can get from Acbellsbuy - Choose one

Golden Tool Set / 6M Bells / 100 NMT Or Specified: Materials*60, Ornaments*60, Fragments*20, Tickets*40, Wrapping paper*20, Kit*100,Fish bait*20, Flower plant*5, Bush*5, Sapling*20, Fruit*20

How to get the Free Item?


Share your real shopping experience on our website to your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / Youtube / Discord / Game Group or other social apps, and post our web link on the content. Keep the content for at least 3 days.

Example Pictures:

Contact us after internet sharing - get free ACNH Items


3 days after sharing, send the screenshots or the link of the sharing to us on Live Chat, then tell us your email, your name on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / Discord / Youtube, etc. Then send your dodo code to us on Live Chat, and we will send you free Items!


My Facebook name is acbellsbuy123, email:acbellsbuy@gmail.com

Here is the sharing link/picture:

Contact us after internet sharing - Acbellsbuy


1. Your social account should be the active one. One social account can only join the activity once a week. If you want to share on the different socials at the same time, it's allowed! You can get more items.

2. When 3 days pass, send the sharing content to us. For example, if your sharing is on Friday, please notify us at least on Sunday to get the items! Thanks for the cooperation!

3. In order to avoid waiting too long, it is recommended to stagger the peak hours to get free items, such as 10 pm, or during workdays.

4. If you haven't bought on our website before, no worries, just share your first impression on our website, or your idea of ACNH, then add our web link, and we will send you free items too.

5. Any other questions, please contact live chat or send an email to support@acbellsbuy.com.

6. Visit Acbellsbuy from time to time to get the Acbellsbuy CouponThe discounted price will be automatically deducted from the order settlement.

The final interpretation of this activity belongs to www.acbellsbuy.com