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Questioned Animal Villager Zipper T. Bunny - Animal Crossing New Horizons (switch)


Zipper T. Bunny is the event host for Bunny Day. Seeing him heralds the official start of Bunny Day. When the player gets close to the Zipper T, he will jump around happily. Once distanced from him, what was his expression?

Zipper Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons has a total of 397 villagers. According to animal species, gender and personality can be sub-categorized. The 397 villagers include 35 animal species such as Shino of Deer species, Petri of mouse species, Roswell of crocodile species, Tiansheng of monkey species, and Sasha of rabbit species. Although Zipper T. Bunny looks like a rabbit, he is just an animal villager in a rabbit costume. The most obvious evidence is a zipper on his back.

On Bunny Day, Zipper T. Bunny, as the host, will log in to the player's island to interact with the player and help the player find eggs hidden in different locations. Collect a certain number of eggs and give them to Zipper, which can be exchanged for Rabbit Day-themed furniture and items. This is all so normal for players, but some players still found another face of Zipper T.

The Bunny Day event lasts for a week. A zipper will come to your island frequently during this time. For privacy-conscious players, it is indeed rude to visit at will. Talk to him and you will find that he will be very enthusiastic. By contrast, the other animal villagers feel much docile. You may feel comfortable for a short time together. Continue to observe deeply, and you will come to a result: Zipper's happy attitude also seems to be fake. Whenever the player gets close to Zipper, he dances and moves with great excitement. But if the player plays a certain distance from Zipper, he will stop dancing, show frustration, sigh, and be exhausted. This highlights that there is something hidden under Zipper's happy exterior. It's easy to think that Zipper and Animal Crossing's bunny days might have an evil side. His creepy design and personality made him feel like starting the game's holiday event was a poor choice. Still, some players think it's more suitable for the Halloween season and fun.

Time travel is a feature tacitly approved by Nintendo developers. Although a small number of people see this as a drawback. If you missed Bunny Day, time travel can help you get back to Bunny Day in 2021, 2022, or some other time. Before starting time travel, be sure to save your existing game progress. Second, you also need to have a risk-taking mentality. If you travel too long, your island will become desolate, island villagers will move away, trees will wither, and well-tended gardens will become overgrown with weeds. Travel back in time to past Bunny Day, wait patiently and you'll meet Zipper T.

Excluding other factors, items related to the Rabbit Festival are still very worth collecting. To redeem Bunny Day Items, you'll need to travel around the island with the ACNH Tools set. Animal Crossing ladders can climb higher. The golden shovel can dig up Bunny Day eggs hidden on the ground. a Golden Axe can get Bunny Day eggs hidden in books. The Golden Rod can catch Bunny Day eggs hidden in rivers. golden net can replenish Bunny Day eggs in the air. After completing the above steps, you can find Zipper T to redeem the corresponding Bunny Day Items.

Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update items, all Animal Crossing Bunny Day Items × 44, Bunny Day DIY Recipes × 20. Among the Bunny Day-themed items, some items are filled with Bunny Day festive elements. For example, the Bunny garden decoration is a daily decorative item whose prototype is a rabbit. Bunny Day merry balloons are directly based on balloons based on Bunny eggs. There are also Bunny Day garden Flags, Bunny Day baskets, Bunny Day bags, and more. Some items can be used in other daily routines after being collected on Bunny Day. Such as bunny dress, Bunny Day basket, Golden garden bunny, bunny ears, etc. More cute items can also be purchased from Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, and Nook Shopping using Animal Crossing Bells. AC bells are money. It is the currency of New Horizons. The more you earn in the game, the better. Not only can you improve your island level, but also upgrade your island landscape layout. Exploring Zipper T's true character is a big reason, but enjoying Bunny Day is also a joy. More Animal Crossing items can be purchased online at Acbellsbuy.com.