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Prepare ACNH Items in advance for the upcoming Jack's Halloween Event - ​Animal Crossing New Horizons


Jack's Halloween Event starts every year on October 31st at 5 pm and runs until midnight. On this day, we'll be celebrating with Jack's Halloween Event items.

Jack's Halloween Event

Jack's Halloween Event is one of those events where Animal Crossing New Horizons doesn't differentiate between the northern and southern hemispheres. On October 31st, most players will also abandon their ongoing island planning plans and turn into exclusive designers of the Halloween Event. After all, no one wants to affect the Halloween Event because of trivia. Players can buy and craft a variety of seasonal items during the Halloween event. Pumpkins, in particular, are the start of Halloween-themed festivities that come to your island.

New Horizons for Animal Crossing launched in 2020 with a slew of free updates. Updates include bug fixes and other small events. These updates are less volatile for players. It does not affect the player's great creation at all. Uninspired players can visit ACBellsBuy Buy ACNH Island Designs. ACNH Island Designs is the basis for players to upgrade and optimize for a long time. Although later, island stores can also be relocated and rebuilt, this will cost a lot of Animal Crossing Bells. Once the base of the island is determined, you can invite animal villagers, purchase houses, or unlock Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC according to the basic layout of the island. In short, you will not be bored.

Because The return of Halloween items includes three new items. They are Ghost Trick Light, Ghost Tree, and Ghost Snack Basket. For fans who played the first Halloween event in the past year, these three projects are very meaningful. These three projects follow tradition. Players will feel the taste of traditional Halloween. In the process of getting Jack's Halloween Event items, you may earn Nook Miles. Don't get bored, Nook Miles can be redeemed for Nook Miles Tickets. It will come into play when you start Mystery Tour.

Fortunately. Fans who are interested in these three projects will be happy to know that these three projects are not difficult to obtain. Every item can be purchased. Players who want new items can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to get a different and new experience. Just like the rules of the game, all game items need pumpkins. As part of the DIY recipe, pumpkin is relatively easy to get in this activity.

For a small percentage of people, the Halloween update might be a disappointment. Because it contains only three items for this traditional large-scale event. Pro players have a lot of great ideas. Players can implement new positioning concepts through customization. 9000+ ACNH Items have been updated to Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is almost impossible to master all Animal Crossing Items at once. But you can get the full New Horizons item catalog from Animal Crossing Items at Acbellsbuy. surprise. Here you can easily find Cheap ACNH Items, Room Designs, ACNH Wallpaper Catalog, Gold-Rose Plant, and more.