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Players can visit the most popular Joe Biden's Island at Animal Crossing


As the U.S. presidential election date approached, Joe Biden's team launched an official Animal Crossing island and proposed a unique and innovative way to connect with supporters. A new virtual office was launched in Animal Crossing New Horizons for players to visit.

When players come to Joe Biden's island, they can see the "Team Joe" logo printed on the banner of the city hall, where players can access custom designs dedicated to in-game campaign merchandise. The entire island contains many functions, such as ice cream stands, event signs and model trains.

Biden's Island 1

Biden's Island House is one of the main attractions, and the island was converted into a campaign site office. Entering the office, you can see a coffee machine and a cup on the table at first glance, as well as a laptop, typewriter and brochures. At the same time, the appearance of a store is placed in the next room, with a constantly changing booth and DJ music system.

The upper part serves as an independent office, belonging to Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. You can even see their respective promotional posters. Besides, the basement also represents "Joe's Train Town", decorated with several train combinations and dozens of train models.

Another attraction is the area designed to represent the polling center with many polling stations. You will see a huge promotional logo for the IWillVote website and an explanation of the voting plan list. Biden will also walk on the island. Players can use Joe Biden's profile picture to take a virtual selfie with him on the island. If you want to talk to him, he will reply to you "No malarkey".

Biden's Island 2

The yard sign of the movement has been found in front of the villagers' houses. One such design outside the house will prompt the player to enter "AC to 30330". Nearby is a decorative field with red, blue and white flowers representing the American flag. Besides, they cleverly used the museum on the island to rebuild the White House and its rose garden. It is one of the most wonderful sights on the island.

Greg and Gary showed off the promotion island called Biden HQ by visiting Dream Code. Players can browse Biden's islands on the Switch console. A person needs to fall asleep in their bed, and tap in the dream, Luna will prompt them to provide the dream address code. The code for visiting Biden's headquarters is DA-7286-5710-7478.

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