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​Players can exchange Bugs for Animal Crossing Bells to increase income


There are many different insect species on New Horizons. The residents of the island can catch many different Bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Bugs can be found in different places, such as on trees, flowers or tree stumps, on the beach, and even on villagers. What we must know is that certain insect species are always more valuable than others.

Bugs can circulate. If you don't want to keep the caught bugs, you can donate them to Blathers in the museum, or you can sell them in exchange for ACNH Bells. If you don't want to donate or sell, you can also choose to give it as a pet to villagers.

In addition, players can save their Bugs for Flick. The flick is a bug lover. If he encounters three same bugs, he can commission a bug model for island decoration. Bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a wide range of selling prices. The price of ordinary bugs is not high. However, some rare insect species can be sold at higher prices.

There are 80 different Bugs in New Horizons, and these are the best results based on player data surveys. We usually sell the trapped bugs to Nook Cranny to earn more Bells. Rare bugs are even more profitable in Animal Crossing. If you need a large amount of Animal Crossing Bells in the short term, ACBellsBuy will provide you with services.