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​On the occasion of Christmas, Animal Crossing restricts time travel


Many players like the time travel function in the Animal Crossing very much, because it can realize your past regrets, and it can also let you spy on future updates. Players only need to use Nook Miles Tickets to achieve such a function.


Players can adjust the system time of the Switch to achieve traversal, and see in advance the things and activities of the store in the game during special festivals. In the previous summer fireworks and Halloween celebrations, some players successfully predicted the content and new items of the event in this way. Although this method satisfies the curiosity of the players, it also has a feeling of breaking the rules of the game.

In the past Thanksgiving Day event, the developer locked the game date. Players who used the modified time to come to these two festivals in advance will find that the scene on the island they see is no different from usual. Players cannot Look at the future content in advance through the journey, so please wait patiently in the upcoming Christmas event.

In the Easter event earlier this year, manufacturers also adopted the same lock-in strategy. But then players adjusted the time to October 31st and saw the Halloween event first. At that time, some players speculated that Nintendo had relaxed their anti-traversal measures. But it does not seem to be the case now.

Lost this kind of pleasure of spying in advance, but we can still get the surprise of the arrival of the event, and at the same time enhance our ability to explore. What do you think of this?