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New Animal Crossing Island Design Ideas - Decor, Party, and Theme Choices


Animal Crossing New Horizons allows players to throw various types of parties. Animal Crossing Island can be dressed up any way you want. In addition to certain holiday events, you can always host a uniquely themed queue.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has introduced thousands of decorative and furniture items. In particular, the Animal Crossing 2.0 version update provides players with more choices. Players can craft or buy party essentials such as balloons, turntables, and table settings. Prepare enough Animal Crossing Bells before party planning. AC Bells will pay for your purchases. These items are perfect for whatever type of party you choose. If your idea is unique, you can also use other items, such as DIY recipes. Getting and making DIY recipes takes more effort than usual, but it's worth it in the end. You can craft many rare furniture or items, choose different colors, and each party setting can be unique and exciting.

The most common parties are birthday parties, graduation parties, and wedding anniversary parties. Some friends who are too far away from the party or suffer from social phobia can opt for an Animal Crossing New Horizons online party. Below are some fun party and unique party countermeasure design ideas.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Baby Shower Ideas

Animal Crossing Player Party

Before choosing a theme party, think about what ACNH Items you need. The baby shower party service center is for babies. The main atmosphere should be homely. The decoration of the party design should be mainly based on babies. For example, Baby Bed, Baby Bear, Baby Chair, or Baby's hat. Baby shower parties are not just for babies. but for moms too. Each baby item has 4 colors to choose from. you need to provide enough colors for mothers to choose from.

An island party can be a great way to celebrate. Players can set up an exclusive location on their island. This also minimizes clutter in your home or backyard. Players can also decorate the theme with special event items like Super Mario decorations. Flowers are also one the essential items. Give your visitors a fun surprise by setting the appropriate color in the party area or near the entrance to the island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Drag Party Ideas

Animal Crossing Costume Party

The theme of the drag party revolves around the change of costumes. Animal Crossing Items contains thousands of different costumes, and Animal Crossing New Horizons allows players to create custom-created patterned costumes. Drag Party Those who like to create character designs will get a fun and exciting challenge to show off the date for the party. Players can also choose seasonal clothing and more from Nook Shopping.

If you want to be unique at a drag ball, you can also choose to dance. Animal Crossing New Horizons doesn't dance with each other, but certain emotes have specific movements that make them appear to dance when used in certain modes. Players can use these emotes to interact with their dance partners. Or tremble on the dance floor themselves. Animal Crossing's numerous Gyroids are also available, or turntables are set up nearby to provide players with a variety of fun music to enjoy.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Stargazing Party Ideas

look at the stars with a telescope

Animal Crossing New Horizons has its unique scenery during the day and night. It is suitable for various entertainment activities during the day, and it is suitable for viewing the sky at night. Animal Crossing New Horizons' skies also feature solar eclipses, planetary observations, or real-life asteroid events. Even better if you have a Telescope. Using a Telescope at night, you can see the most beautiful scenery. Other decorations you like can be placed on the beach of the island or high up on the clifftop for a better view of the night sky.

Players can also have guests wear cute pajamas or space-themed outfits to the party. Watching a pajama party can include a hot or cold drink and a cozy sweater. Give party guests the option to design an outfit based on the zodiac sign. Taking pictures is a must. Photos can then be taken around the party area through Animal Crossing New Horizons' zodiac decorations, allowing everyone to benefit from the evening's activities.