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May Island Event List | How to Get Special ACNH Items - Animal Crossing


There are 5 events in Animal Crossing New Horizons in May. In chronological order, we can choose the activities we like to participate in the interaction.

Buy Animal Crossing Bells can buy ACNH Tools. Island activities require ample AC Tools. Animal Crossing New Horizons has unique and exclusive events each month. Each activity represents a different meaning. Take part in Animal Crossing New Horizons Island activities and learn about cultures around the world. Island daily activities are available every day, but if an activity is missed, it will have to wait for the next year. On the island, we earn Animal Crossing Bells the easy way. Using ACNH Bells we can buy the AC items we need from Nook's Cranny and ABLE Sister.

5 events in Animal Crossing New Horizons in May

Animal Crossing New Horizons all events in May

ACNH Event Guidelines and Tips: Any event has an event week. The event week is the week before the event, during which players can participate in event preparations for the actual event day. During this time, you can complete your island collection plan. Especially base tools like Golden Shovel, Golden Axe, Golden Watering Can, etc. Prepare some spares, once the number of uses is exhausted, it will be a waste of time to remake. Of course, you can buy direct from ACbellsbuy.

Children's Day or Boy's Day: The event originates from Japan. The event time is April 28 - May 5. Isabelle is the host of the event. the Nooklings' will sell the Carp Banner. During the event, players who communicate with Isabelle between 6 am and midnight will earn a Newsprint Helmet.

May Day: The event time is May 1 - May 7. Tom Nook is the host of the event. The event will last all day. We players have access to a special maze-like island. Rover will visit your island and give you a prize.

Mother's Day: Mother's Day: The event is a day to celebrate mothers. In North America, it happens on the second Sunday in May. But other local dates vary by region. The Thank-You Mom Mug and Carnations are available from Nook Shopping.

International Museum Day: Event time May 18 - May 31. During this event, Blathers will hold Stamp Rallies at the museum in which the player collects stamps from each exhibit to earn gold museum plaques.

Double Gloucester Cheese: May 22 - May 31. The Double Gloucester Cheese can be obtained from Nook Shopping for 1,200 Bells as a celebration of Cheese Rolling. If you choose to sell, only 300 Bells can be obtained. This item can only be ordered from the catalog while its seasonal event is ongoing.

Of the 5 events in May, only Double Gloucester Cheese is seasonal. By participating in island activities, our players can obtain rare items that are not usually collected. Event reward items can be used as island display art or sold to Timmy and Tommy for a large ACNH Bells. Bells can support most of our activities. Either way, it will help our island quickly upgrade to five stars. The higher the island level, the more things we can accomplish.