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May 2022 To-Do List | Bamboo Series DIY Recipes | ACNH - Animal Crossing New Horizons (Switch)


Bamboo Series belongs to May DIY Recipes. Collecting bamboo can make various bamboo furniture.

The Bamboo Series is a seasonal DIY Recipe that includes Bamboo Pieces, Young Spring bamboo, and Bamboo Shoots. Item, Housewares, Clothing, Tools, Furniture, Equipment, and Housewares can be crafted from bamboo. The bamboo DIY recipe includes 20 types of items and 48 items total. Our players can get up to 3 recipes per day. Meaning if you want to make multiple bamboo items, it will take at least a week. If you think it's too long, it's okay to go for a legit ACNH Shop like Acbellsbuy. Buy Animal Crossing Items and Buy Animal Crossing Bells are the 2 most popular items. Acbellsbuy offers ACNH Items For Sale. Recipes Bamboo x24 is only $2.98. Fast delivery service can meet your production needs.

Bamboo DIY Recipes - ACNH

How to Get Bamboo DIY Recipes - ACNH

All DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons are obtained the same way, including Bamboo DIY Recipes. Remember that getting 3 per day is the cap. More than 3 recipes and you will not get any more recipes for that day.

Obtained from Balloon Gifts: Occasionally, gift boxes tied to balloons will float above the island. Beat it with ACNH Tools Slingshot.

Obtained from Villagers: Go to the villager's house with a smoking animal in the chimney. Talk to the island animal villagers and they will share it with you.

Trading acquisition: New Horizons supports multiplayer online trading. Trade with friends with the fruits, dresses, tools, and other DIY recipes we have.

Acbellsbuy Buy: Acbellsbuy offers Bamboo Partition Recipe, Bamboo Bench Recipe, Bamboo Shelf Recipe, Bamboo Speaker Recipe, and Bamboo-Shoot Lamp Recipe. Here, no purchases go online.

When you've collected repeat bamboo DIY recipes, and made household items or decorations, there are still leftovers. Unwanted bamboo DIY recipes can be sold to Timmy and Tommy for an average price of 200 bells. Different types of bamboo have different prices. Bamboo Piece is sold to Nook's Cranny for 80 Bells. Selling the Bamboo Shoot can earn you 250 ACNH Bells. Sell Young Spring Bamboo for 200 Bells. Use your earned Animal Crossing Bells to buy some other items at Nook's Cranny.

Nook's Cranny sells items that are fragile and have short-lived uses, like Shovel, Axe, Rod, and Watering Can. If you upgrade your normal ACNH Tools to a Golden Tool Set, this will also help you collect bamboo DIY recipes on the island. Not only does the Golden Tool Set help with island upgrades, but you can also bring back more materials when exploring mysterious islands with Nook Miles Tickets. All materials brought back can be used to make Animal Crossing Items. Animal Crossing Buy Items are a great help in getting an island to 5 stars quickly. If you are interested in Free ACNH Items, you can participate in the Sharing to get free ACNH Items event organized by Acbellsbuy. Place the crafted bamboo items on the island and your island will become more beautiful.

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A list of the most popular bamboo recipes, for sale prices, and a quick get ACNH Bells.

Bamboo partition: 7x bamboo piece, 6xstone, Sell for 2,020 Bells.

Bamboo wall: 15x bamboo piece, Sell for 2,400 Bells.

Bonsai shelf: 1x cherry-blossom bonsai, 1xpine bonsai tree, 8xwood, Sell for 8460 Bells.

Gong: 6x iron nugget, 5x wood, Sell for 5,100 Bells Bells.

Iron armor: 8x iron nugget, Sell for 6,000 Bells.

Ironwood DIY workbench: 12x wood, 6x iron nugget, 1x mini DIY workbench, Sell for 8,520 Bells.

Kettle bathtub: 8x iron nugget, 2x wood, 1x campfire, Sell for 6,270 Bells.

Knight's helmet: 5x iron nugget, Sell for 3,750 Bells.

Ironwood table: 12x wood, 6xiron nugget, Sell for 5,940 Bells.