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​Let us celebrate the upcoming New Year In Animal Crossing together


If you are a player in the northern hemisphere, whether you are going to school or working, you should now have a holiday to wait for the coming of the new year, and in the past Christmas activities, the activities of Animal Crossing are also continuing.

As the animals and villagers on the island prepare for the new year, Nook Shopping is currently ordering a lot of delicious food. We can learn from Isabel’s official announcement that you can access these products through the Nook Shopping App or the Nook Shopping section of ATM, and then select the "seasonal" tab in the special product section.


These items include sparkling cider (1,000 bells), twelve grape dishes (1,200 bells), Berlin (1,200 bells), and New Year's noodles (1,300 bells). Make sure to order these items as much as possible before they disappear, as they have a very limited time.

More seasonal foods are on the way. ACBellsBuy will also update Animal Crossing food simultaneously. Whether it is the ACNH Items mentioned above or Kagamimochi and Olivier Salad, we will improve it as quickly as possible.