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June 2022 Wedding Season & Guides & Tips | Animal Crossing New Horizons


Animal Crossing Items contains Every Wedding Item. You can get wedding-themed ACNH Items from ACbellsbuy, whether or not during event hours.

Animal Crossing New Horizons' wedding season is set for June. If you've been anticipating wedding season, it's time to prepare ahead of time. Enter the game and Animal Crossing Isabelle will be the first villager to notify you of the start of the Wedding Season event. Wedding Items include Wedding Furniture, Wedding Wallpaper, Wedding Flooring, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Shoes, and Wedding Hats. If you want to collect Wedding Items ×53, you have to do a lot of preparation. In the Wedding Items list, the Wedding Pipe Organ is a great option if you want to earn Animal Crossing Bells for this event. Head over to Nook's Cranny to sell it and you can get 25000 Bells.

Wedding Season - Animal Crossing New Horizons

About Wedding Season - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Wedding Season time: June 1st - June 30th.

Wedding Season main characters: Cyrus, Reese, Harvey.

Wedding Season Location: Harv's Island.

Wedding Season Requirements: During the Wedding Season event, go to the designated location Harv's Island to take wedding photos for Reese and Cyrus. Players with the best photos will be rewarded with wedding-themed props.

How do you do the Wedding Season - Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

1. Accept Harvey's invitation. During the event, Harvey will arrive at your island and invite you to Harv's Island. Harvey will tell you about the wedding season happening on his Photopia Island. And his island operator, a Free Photography Studio.

2. Go to Dodo Airlines with Harvey and ask Orville/Wilbur to go to Harv's Island.

3. Take ideal wedding photos as requested by Reese and Cyrus. During the wedding season, Reese and Cyrus will be at Harv's Island. Reese makes requests for different themed wedding photos every day. According to the requirements of their husband and wife to take satisfactory wedding photos.

4. Get Heart Crystals. As long as Reese and Cyrus are happy, you can get Heart Crystals. Players can earn 11-15 Heart Crystals per day.

Normal Wedding Season items can be obtained using Heart Crystals. There are also three special Wedding Season items (Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate, Wedding Fence, Wedding wand) that require collecting specific Wedding wands to get them.

Normal Wedding Items list

Wedding Furniture: Wedding bench, Wedding decoration, Wedding table, Wedding chair, Wedding flower stand, Wedding candle set, Wedding head table, Wedding cake, Wedding pipe organ, Wedding arch, Wedding welcome board.

Wedding Wallpaper: White Wedding Wallpaper, Wedding Party Wallpaper, Brown Wedding Wallpaper, Green Wedding Wallpaper.

Wedding Flooring: White Wedding Flooring, Brown Wedding Flooring, Green Wedding Flooring, Blue Wedding Rug, Red Wedding Rug, White Wedding Rug.

Wedding Dresses: Wedding dress, Wedding Tuxedo.

Wedding Shoes: Wedding Pumps, Wedding Shoes.

Wedding Hats: Bridal Veil.

You may get 29 Wedding Items through quests. If you have strict requirements for Wedding Season Items, you can get Wedding Season Items* 53 in one go at ACbellsbuy. Buy Animal Crossing Bells are available for most events on the island but not for Wedding Season events. Except for special Wedding Items, other Wedding Items only support Heart Crystal's redemption. If you bought Animal Crossing Bells For Sale especially for the wedding season. It can be used for other purposes. During the Wedding Season event, you can purchase other ACNH Items from the Nook's Cranny or ABLE Sister shelves to combine with the Wedding Season for even better results.