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​Jack and Candy's new Halloween event, unlock more new features


The most prominent content in the autumn update may be the Halloween event. This exciting free new update will bring Jack's Halloween event into the game, and it also adds fun features such as pumpkin growth.

This update will be released on September 30, which is this week. We don't need to wait long to experience all the new features!

Halloween event will be held at 5 pm on October 31 (Saturday). Recovering from past animal crossing games, this activity will involve offering candy to your villagers and Jack throughout the night.

Speaking of candy is also very important in this update, you can buy a piece of candy in the store cupboard every day, and it will be of great use to collect it every day on Halloween. You started buying Candy at Timmy & Tommy in Nook Cranny from the beginning of October, and continue throughout the month!

The fun of Halloween will not only stop at candy, as brand new costumes will also be purchased at the Able Sisters store throughout October. These costumes can even be extended to new body paintings and eye contact with Nook Miles!

The new Halloween-themed DIY recipes you talk to villagers in October can be unlocked. You can also learn new reactions to help express your weird fears!

New DIY - planting and harvesting pumpkins

Autumn is a harvest season, and the plantable vegetable function will be introduced into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These brand new seeds will be found from Leif when Nook's Crany and Leif visit your island.

Planting pumpkins is not unique to Halloween or autumn-you can grow them all year round. Once the pumpkins are planted on the ground on the island, they need to be watered frequently for the best results! Once fully grown, you can harvest pumpkins for use in a new series of pumpkin DIY recipes.


New Dream Suite features

If you want to revisit the dream island that you have been to before, now it is as easy as visiting a new list of past dream games without having to record the dream address in your dream.

Even further, you can now mark your favorite Neverland as your favorite in the game for an easy revisit in the future.

Ring Con Furniture Gift

In this update, Nintendo will send an interesting new Ring Con furniture product, similar to the special controller packaged with Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure.

Ring Con Furniture Gift

This is a clear signal for the Thanksgiving Harvest Festival and Christmas Toy Festival! ACBellsBuy.com will also update ACNH Items according to the needs of players so that players can still enjoy the fun of the game easily even in their busy lives.

The Halloween fun doesn't just stop at candy either as brand new costumes will be available to purchase from the ACBellsBuy throughout October too. Those costumes will even extend to new body paint and eye contacts with Nook Miles!