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​Island Tour Creator to help you show off your animals across the island


After a year of development of Animal Crossing, many players have built their islands very well. For players with strong creativity, do you want to show off your island construction results to friends through the platform? Do you also want friends to share their islands? Nintendo provides a new tool that can show off your Animal Crossing with posters or even trailers: New Horizons Island.

Game screenshots

In the past year, players have taken screenshots of games and uploaded them to social media platforms via mobile phones to share their island life with friends. Although you can always use Switch's built-in tools to take screenshots and video clips from games and share these with friends and social media, the new Island Tour Creator allows you to add some video clips to certain content.

Currently, Island Tour Creator is only available for mobile devices, and you need to use your smartphone to access the website. After scanning the code, you will be asked to log in to your Nintendo Account, and after a short chat with Tom Nook, you can choose between making posters or trailers. Both poster-making and trailer-making tools have many customization options.

The biggest hope of players is that Island Tour Creator can be used in the game in some way, which will save a lot of steps and make the tool very simple. We look forward to players showing off their Animal Crossing islands with Island Tour Creator.