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​Island Design Guide: How to build a Two Floor WaterFall?


You must have seen the island design pictures shared by netizens on social platforms. The more attractive one is the Two Floor WaterFall. The waterfall landscape has always been more eye-catching. Many players must have been inspired by such island designs. Attract, let's take a look at how the Two Floor WaterFall is built.

Before starting the construction project, you need to ensure that your island has reached three stars and successfully invited K.K. to hold a concert. We will be able to unlock the functions of the island design freely.

Two-story building

The construction of a double waterfall is very simple. Since it is a Two Floor terrain, we use the Cliff Construction Permit to first build a 5x4 rectangular cliff, and then build a 3x2 rectangular cliff in the middle of the top. Then use the River Construction Permit to dig the 6g position of the second level cliff into a waterfall, and then dig the 4b, 4c and 4d positions of the first layer into a waterfall. The double waterfall is done!

Two-story building 1

Of course, for the sake of beauty and science, you can dig a small lake in front of the 4b, 4c, and 4d positions. If you understand the principle, you can easily create a more spectacular large Two Floor WaterFall!

The above-mentioned Two Floor WaterFall only has water on one side. When we need a "fountain"-like landscaping, we can also create a cross Two Floor WaterFall based on the same logic! We use the Cliff Construction Permit to build a 5x5 square cliff, and then build a 3x3 square cliff in the middle of the cliff. Then use the "river construction permit" to dig the "cross" position of the second layer of the cliff into a waterfall. The position of the first layer of the waterfall is the same as the above-mentioned Two Floor WaterFall.

Two-story building 2

In addition to the waterfall, the small lake in the shape of a heart is also a favorite of many players. So how do you have your heart-shaped lake? Let's take a look at the production process: we first dig out a 5x5 square lake, then fill in six places 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, and 3a with soil, then cut the places 1c and 3a into bevels, and then Fill in the places 1e and 5a with soil, and then cut these two places into a bevel. The heart-shaped lake is done!

The size of the buildings in the game is home (5x4), campground (4x4), service (12x10), clothing store (5x4), animal house (4x3), museum/shop (7x4). Besides, the dimensions of slopes, stairs and bridges are all 2x4.

Two-story building 3

Besides, the construction of slopes, stairs and bridges require a space before and after the construction of other buildings and infrastructure; the construction of bridges requires at least a 4x4 lake to be built; because the original buildings and construction locations cannot overlap, if you want to move the building slightly, The first construction site must be selected in another vacant land to make room for the land, and the land can be moved to the destination again after the land has made room, which takes 2 days in total.

The above is the construction method of the Two Floor WaterFall and some island design tips summarized by the doctor. The ACBellsBuy site will also provide players with ACNH Island Designs Service. No matter which style of the island you want, we will let professional designers help you. To build, we provide three island design solutions, namely 2D, 3D and 2D+3D. For details, please consult our customer service. We will provide the most professional service and the fastest delivery speed to help players enjoy the game better.