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​Interesting Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.11.0 update


Several new events and items have been introduced in the latest update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The conclusion is drawn based on years of player experience: Animal Crossing will provide DIY Recipes soon. The attentive player also found a hidden surprise. For example, in the new update, you will find traces of the Halloween update. The more attentive the player, the more beautiful the island created. This is beneficial to the game itself. The discovery means that update 1.11.0 has enough content to last until late October. This news is very important to players.

The introduction of new months, seasons, and events adds a large number of different DIY recipes. Interestingly, you can find DIY recipes that are difficult for players to obtain in Animal Crossing. Allow players to make time-limited items. Players can choose to sell them or rely on them as decorations on their islands. Smart players also discovered that there are several ways to get DIY recipes in Animal Crossing. First, shoot down the balloons hovering on the island beach. Secondly, the DIY recipe is in a bottle just found on the shore. Finally, visiting characters may reward players for completing demos related to them.

Nintendo has never been keen on hosting players on the treasure island, and using them is technically against their rules. To solve this problem, Nintendo does not allow players to push these recipes back to their islands. Most of these inaccessible recipes can be obtained from bundles, and players can unlock them through the game. By unlocking new levels, players can get more recipes. To save time, players can also choose Buy ACNH Items on acbellsbuy.com. For example, in addition to unlocking related levels, other recipes between players can be traded. Nintendo has limited the modification record, which has existed for many years.

Nintendo has introduced three new DIY recipes for Animal Crossing Update 1.11.0 contains elements that may last until late October. Data miners found evidence of several new projects available after Halloween. Therefore, adding three new recipes provides a welcome change. More importantly, all the backpacks made are customizable, implying that players will get different colors and versions. Sadly, many of them need pumpkins, and it is not easy to do this at this moment.