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How to Use Time Travel to Get ACNH Bells/Items | Guides & Tips


After the ACNH Update, time travel comes into play in the game. Players can speed up time and advance the game in Animal Crossing New Horizons' time travel.

ACNH Time travel is a special event setting where players manually change the game time and travel through the past or future. Just as Animal Crossing New Horizons is abbreviated as ACNH, Time Travel is abbreviated as TT. In many ways, Animal Crossing is a game of patience. We players need to add bugs, fish, or various shops to the empty island step by step. The advent of time travel broke this rule. Seasonal activities that take advantage of time travel, fishing, catching bugs, digging fossils, etc. can all go to Nook's Cranny to find Timmy and Tommy and exchange them for Animal Crossing Bells. Buy ACNH Bells is a great boost to push the game forward. ACNH Bells can buy most of the items in the New Horizons game, especially the beautiful dresses in the ABLE Sister Shop. AC Bells purchased or redeemed are automatically added to the player's Bell credit.

ACNH Time Travel and Setup Steps

When did you choose to start time travel at ACNH?

Save and launch the current game progress before Time travel starts. Whether to enable Time travel is up to the player to decide. For example, after ACNH Time travel, the ACNH Art stored in the open space on the player's island may disappear. Open System Settings on the Switch home screen - swipe down to select Time and Date settings. Change the time and date and confirm. After completing the above steps, a prompt box will appear asking whether to restart Animal Crossing. Once you are sure to reboot, the changes have taken effect. This operation is irreversible, so choose carefully.

According to the Animal Crossing New Horizons system prompts, players may have to wait several hours, or even a day or two, for a mission. Now we can use Time travel to skip the boring waiting time and travel directly to the future time. Many community players have asked questions, is this setting considered cheating in the game? Then the Nintendo developers gave a positive reply: I don't think Time travel is cheating.

When is it advantageous to choose Time travel in ACNH?

There is no big penalty for using Time travel. But that doesn't mean all activities are suitable for using time travel. After the ACNH 2.0 update, players will invite their favorite villagers to live on the island. For example, my island currently has Bob Animal Crossing, Ankha Animal Crossing, Zucker Animal Crossing, Shino ACNH, and Sasha ACNH. Before the new villagers move in, we will build houses for them, which requires a waiting time of 1 to 2 days. Then you can use Time travel.

Animal Crossing New Horizons' time is the same as real-time. If you want to collect the rare bug Animal Crossing Tarantulas, you can use Time travel to jump to the month it appears. Time travel is also not available for all island activities. Time travel is not allowed on special holidays.

The game doesn't explicitly prevent the use of time travel. When you jump long enough, you're dealing with islands overgrown with weeds, cute villagers moving away, rotten turnips at home, Nook's Cranny downgrading, etc. With ACNH Tools such as Golden Shovel, Golden Axe, and Golden Slingshot, ACNH Items purchased from Acbellsbuy can play a role in tree planting, and upgrades of Nook's Cranny and ABLE Sister, inviting new villagers to live on the island and more. During this period, there is a short boring waiting time, which is suitable for Time travel.