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How to Use Amiibo Correctly in Animal Crossing New Horizons


The Amiibo is a set of character figurines and cards. Amiibo can be used with Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing New Horizons has hundreds of characters and cards, in addition to ordinary villagers, including some famous villagers Isabelle, Timmy & Tommy, and Tom Nook. Animal Crossing 2.0 brings a total of 16 new villagers, including the most popular Shino and Sherb. Skip long quests and take no time. choosing Buy ACNH Bells will get you any item you want in under 10 minutes.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures

Use Amiibo to invite new villagers to move

Amiibo can be used in ACNH in various ways. Most players will use Amiibo to invite new villagers to your campsite. Visit the Nook Stop Terminal at the Resident Services Centre first. Select Invite campers and follow the instructions to tap the villager's Amiibo card.

Go to the campground and talk to your ACNH Villagers. Wait for the right moment to offer your guests a DIY piece of furniture. After delivery, wait patiently.  Repeat the above process. Generally, after the third visit, new villagers will be arranged to move in. This whole process is over.

Model-based amiibo for Super Smash Bros

Using Amiibo at Harv's Island

If you want to get a perfect snapshot, look for a professional Animal Crossing Island Designer. You can also take pictures in Photopia. Select decoration mode and click on Amiibo to introduce villagers. If you want to take a photo with the Able Sisters, you can also summon into Photopia this way. This is especially like summoning magic, which is especially suitable for important scene layouts.

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Using Amiibo in the Happy Home DLC

According to the query data, the Animal Crossing Nintendo 3DS's Happy Home Designer is the origin of the Animal Crossing Amiibo card. If you own the Happy Home Paradise paid DLC, you can plan a vacation home for your character. You can play as much as you want. The design is completely in your hands.

Search and learn how Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and Amiibo figures can bring your island-building to life. In addition to Amiibo cards, Animal Crossing Items from Acbellsbuy are also important to the island. Choose Buy Nook Miles Tickets to make your island-building even more rare and unique. Every item in Animal Crossing is important to the game.