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How to use Amiibo cards on switch - ACbellsbuy


Scan ACNH Amiibo cards to unlock villager information, and unlock special items and quests. For this process, you need to have an Amiibo card and an NFC card reader that can recognize the card. continue reading.

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What are Animal Crossing Amiibo cards?

The scale of the free update for New Horizons 2.0 on November 3, 2021, is unprecedented. In addition to new furniture, new Animal Crossing Items, new villagers, updates to new DIY recipes, and updated Amiibo cards. Amiibo is interactive figurines and cards to use in conjunction with your game. You can unlock new game modes and customize your character or weapon to discover surprising new abilities. Most players use Amiibo cards to invite island villagers. If you count 18 NFC characters and hundreds of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, you can use more than 400+ Animal Crossing Amiibo.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon Amiibo's most enticing feature is inviting your favorite villagers to live on your island! In just a few steps, you can get any non-special character into the island. Amiibo can be used in ACNH in a variety of ways: inviting new villagers to your campsite, taking photos in Photopia, inviting characters to The Roost, and, if you have the Happy Home Paradise paid DLC, planning vacation homes for your characters. Scanning cards and characters will also earn you a poster of your scanned character, which can be ordered through your Nook Shopping Catalog. Nook Shopping will also regularly list ACNH Items for sale, you can pay with cheap ACNH Bells or Nook Miles. ACNH bells are the most powerful payment currency for animal villagers. As for how to get bells in animal crossing? In addition to completing island quests, you can also go to ACNH Store to buy bells animal crossing. Nook Miles is different from Nook Miles Tickets. ACNH Tickets are used to fly to mysterious islands.

How to get Amiibo cards?

The use of Amiibo is unlocked from the moment you first visit Half Island. Simply scan the Amiibo card to click the specified villager into the game, and the villager will appear on your island. Therefore, Amiibo cards have become very precious. The rarity of Amiibo cards is as precious as Bell's Animal Crossing.

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How to use Amiibo cards on switch?

Nintendo Switch is a famous video game console developed by Nintendo. The console itself is a tablet that can be used both as a home console and as a portable device. The console's software supports online gaming via an internet connection, as well as wireless and Hoc connections to other consoles. Games and software for the Nintendo Switch are available on physical flash-based ROM cartridges and digital releases on the Nintendo eShop. Other than that, you should keep in mind that you can use Amiibo cards with Nintendo Switch. How to scan Amiibo cards? Among them, you need to find Touch the Amiibo to the NFC touchpoint. On the Joy-Con, the NFC touchpoint is located on the right control stick. On the Pro Controller, the NFC touchpoint is located over the Nintendo Switch logo at the top center of the controller. On Nintendo Switch Lite, the NFC touchpoint is located on the right control stick.

1. Go to the Nook Stop terminal in the Town Hall

2. Select the penultimate option, "Invite a Camper"

3. Hold up the Amiibo or Amiibo card to the NFC touchpoint on the right thumbstick of your controller when indicated.

4. Hold it there until the game registers it

5. Depending on the Amiibo, the game will inform you of any changes or rewards that you can now collect.

How to Use Amiibo at Harv's Island

Amiibo can also be used at Harv's island to introduce NPC characters for photoshoots, allowing them to take part and pose in the photographs. When inside the photo room and in edit mode, simply apply the Amiibo to the NFC touchpoint at any time to make the character appear in a nearby square.

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What Amiibo Can I Use?

There are numerous Amiibo and Amiibo cards that can be used with New Horizons, but only those that are associated with Animal Crossing characters.

1. Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards (Series 1 to 4)

2. Animal Crossing Amiibo figures

3. Super Smash Bros. Isabelle Amiibo figure

4. Super Smash Bros. Villager Amiibo figure

5. Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibos

6. Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack Amiibo cards

Notes on using Amiibo cards

1. Perform a system update: If your host system is not up to date, your Amiibo card or figurine may not be activated. The Nintendo Switch console must be connected online to download system updates.

2, NFC Reader Accessory: With the NFC Reader Accessory, players can also use the Amiibo card with Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS. Keep in mind that NFC accessories are sold separately and not included with all products.

Whichever way you use your Amiibo cards, it's a different way to experience island living. To make things even easier, don't forget to go to ACbellsbuy.com to buy bells animal crossing. Enjoy 10% OFF is the basic guarantee, you can also get more ACNH Items than normal time.