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How to use ACNH Bells to earn more Poki?


Animal Crossing New Horizons has updated the new currency Poki. Currency Poki and currency bells are related but not related. Let's take a look at the reasons!


What is Poki


Poki is part of the expansion of Happy Home Paradise. The DLC package is ACNH's first paid DLC content, specifically for purchasing items in the Paradise Planning building, cafes and clothing stores on the expanded islands. DLC pays special attention to creative design. The paid DLC expansion pack was launched globally in November 2021.


The role of Poki and how to obtain it


The main task of the player in the DLC is design and transformation. Unlock and decorate facilities by decorating holiday houses for new villagers. The system rewards the player with a certain amount of Poki based on the player's progress in the DLC. In the beginning, you can earn 6,000 Poki per household. By continuously accepting tasks, the Poki earned will increase. Poki can be used to purchase special furniture items in the Paradise Planning Office.


The difference between Bells and Poki


Although Bells and Poki are both used to buy goods and other items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the two currencies have their differences. Poki is designed for Happy Home Paradise DLC. In other words, Poki can only be used in Happy Home Paradise DLC. Bells can only be used on non-DLC islands. For example, bells can be used for Buy Animal Crossing Bells and Buy Animal Crossing NMT. Bells can be obtained by completing various tasks. Poki is used by the villagers of the archipelago to reward players for completing design work and other related tasks.






According to the latest news from SCREEN RANT, the Paradise Planning office has a new ABD system where players can access Poki. According to the ABD system rules, players will be allowed to change Poki to Bells. Interestingly, this is not a boring currency conversion. The conversion between Poki and Bells needs to be calculated based on daily exchange rates. Just like the value of real-world currencies, the exchange rate between Poki and Bells changes every day.


Experienced players have accumulated a wealth of bells. With reasonable use of Bells and Poki conversion, you can purchase a batch of rare furniture and equipment in advance for other players. In this way, you can get higher rewards in the new Poki tasks. Unfortunately, my bell account only has 1986 bells. Fortunately. But I have a shortcut method. I am a big fan of ACBellsBuy.com. I often choose to buy ACNH Bells. Convenient operation and the lowest price are my most satisfactory service. Although this Poki currency exchange mechanism looks like a small feature, Poki has injected new vitality into ACNH. I have to say that this also deepens the strong connection between Happy Home Paradise DLC and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.